David and Carmen Schmitz Naper, Nebraska

A friend told us about Mogck Angus several years ago, we have bought bulls from them ever since. we only have one bull that is not from there ranch. The bulls have really improved our herd performance. The bulls have great docility and really hold their weight during the breeding season. David has been great to work with, calling during the year to check and see if everything went well. David is a very honest caring man who we will continue to do business with.

Scott & Tami Holbeck Family, Armour, SD

I have been buying bulls from Mogck Angus Farms since 2001. These bulls are not  pushed just to have high yearling weights at the sale and then to deteriorate thereafter.  The bulls keep growing and are conditioned to withstand the first breeding season, instead of falling apart. I have bulls that are 8 and 9 years old still working in the herd.  The temperament of the bulls are also excellent.  Throughout the years if there was a problem with a bull within the first year of service, David was more than willing to work with you. No hassle.  Great to deal with!  - Scott & Tami Holbeck

Brian Sonne, Mt. Vernon, SD

After meeting Dave at the first bull sale I attended about 15 years ago I knew that this was where I wanted to buy my bulls. Dave is an honest hardworking Christian man that tells it the way it is. If a bull weighs 100 pounds that’s what goes in the catalog. Mogck Angus Farms bulls are sound, modern cattle that are profitable for today’s cattle business and I am sold on their program.

Knutson Family Farm, Lanesboro, MN

John and I bought our first bull and a bred heifer at the sale in 2001. My other son Mark and I attended the sale and John stayed at home that year. I believe we met David in Worthington to pick up the cattle at a later date. Since that time we have attended the sale almost every year and we pull our trailer along so that as soon as we’ve purchased what we like, we can pay, load up & head for home some 350 miles away! Since 2001 we have purchased only one bull that wasn’t from Mogck Angus Farms and that one is no longer here! We have currently 8 bulls from Mogck Angus. The heifer bulls we have purchased have been working great and we have to help very few of them with calving. The cattle are very calm and quite easy to work with. Last fall I contacted David before our calves were sold at the Lanesboro MN Sales Barn so he could watch the sale on the internet. We got in a couple of plugs for Mogck Angus that day as our calves topped the sale thanks to the breeding behind them. John and I will be calving about 160 cows and heifers this spring and we are hoping for better weather than last year. Since 2001, we have missed very few annual sales at Mogck Angus Farms and have never gone home empty-handed!