March 8, 2018 Bull Sale

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2017 Sale Day



(Sells as Lot 2)

Reg: 18603742
WW: 788 lbs YW: 1,396 lbs CED: +3 $B: +151.07 Adj. REA: 16.3 Scrotal: 40.53

Member of the 2017 National Western Pen of 3 that finished 2nd in class. If you're looking to add pounds with high yielding carcasses then these Fate sons are what you need to look at. Lot 2 is a big scrotal'd, massive rib eye'd power house.

(Sells as Lot 6)

Reg: 18636364
WW: 838 lbs YW: 1,385 lbs CED: +9 $B: +128.50 Adj. REA: 17.5 Scrotal: 38.22

Our FATE bulls will add carcass value with tremendous weight gain to your calves. Unmatched performance!

MAF Union 2619
(Sells as Lot 13)

Reg: 18636398
WW: 781 lbs YW: 1,275 lbs CED: +5 $B: +103.56 Adj. REA: 12.9 Scrotal: 36.12

Loads of maternal power and calving ease with the Union sons selling.

MAF Insight 6607
(Sells as Lot 17)

Reg: 18602000
WW: 936 lbs YW: 1,435 lbs CED: +1 $B: +165.33 Adj. REA: 13.5 Scrotal: 38.61

Lead bull for our 2017 National Western Pen of 3 that finished 2nd in class. Heaviest weaning bull in the sale and an overall EPD package that is tough to duplicate. Dam is Loretta (found on Sires & Dams tab) she is one of our most productive cow in terms of dollars generated.

Full sister to Lots 15-19 and one of the most decorated Angus heifers in South Dakota in 2016. Shown by the Bergh family.

MAF Insight 6609
(Sells as Lot 19)

Reg: 18602002
WW: 856 lbs YW: 1,416 lbs CED: +0 $B: +149.88 Adj. REA: 15.2 Scrotal: 37.14

Flush brother to lead pen bull in Denver this year and 3 flush sisters have averaged over $11,000 in the past year. Phenotype packed with performance and carcass merit!

MAF Insight 6625
(Sells as Lot 20)

Reg: 18653380


MAF Insight 6626
(Sells as Lot 21)

Reg: 18653378
WW: 653 YW: 1,341 CED: -4 $B: +79.89 Adj. REA: 14.1 Scrotal: 38.33

These 2 full flush brothers are moderate framed and full of muscle out of our 068 Antidote donor cow that produced the $20,000 Hobart 441 bull sold to Vanhove Cattle Company and pictured under the Sires tab.

MAF Black Granite 657
(Sells as Lot 30)

Reg: 18636367
WW: 835 lbs YW: 1,294 lbs CED: +12 $B: +120.57 Adj. REA: 16.3 Scrotal: 38.88

No holes in this low birth Black Granite son out of a Pioneer daughter.

MAF Black Granite 668
(Sells as Lot 33)

Reg: 18605762
WW: 813 lbs YW: 1,365 lbs CED: +11 $B: +130.10 Adj. REA: 13.3 Scrotal: 38.70

Loads of maternal potential in this low birth, high growth bull.

MAF Sensation 2614
(Sells as Lot 36)

Reg: 18603743
WW: 764 lbs YW: 1,316 lbs CED: +10 $B: +115.08 Adj. REA: 13.7 Scrotal: 38.53

Member of the 2017 National Western Pen of 3 that finished 2nd in class. Dam is a beautiful looking productive Bismarck daughter.

MAF Sensation 2621
(Sells as Lot 38)

Reg: 18636385
WW: 759 lbs YW: 1,353 lbs CED: +11 $B: +126.19 Adj. REA: 17.3 Scrotal: 36.16

From top to bottom, our Sensation sons are phenotypic gems. Rock solid numbers and a very consistent look and design on every son selling.

MAF Guinness 2624
(Sells as Lot 43)

Reg: 18636388
WW: 845 lbs YW: 1,440 lbs CED: -4 $B: +148.35 Adj. REA: 15 Scrotal: 37.19

Expect tremendous growth from the sons of Guinness, base width and spring of rib. Meat wagons!

MAF Hobart 632
(Sells as Lot 45)

Reg: 18636336
WW: 848 lbs YW: 1,320 lbs CED: +3 $B: +99.12 Adj. REA: 14.2 Scrotal: 39.65

We have 4 sons selling out of the $20,000 Hobart son that was a member of the 2015 National Western Pen of 3 and that is owned by Vanhove Cattle Company. Flawless phenotype, wide based, deep ribbed and moderate framed. Grandam is beautiful Antidote donor cow for us and is also the dam of Lots 20,21 and 67.

High selling Hobart 441 daughter to the Mitteness Family of MN

MAF Tanker 610
(Sells as Lot 57)

Reg: 18636372
WW: 739 lbs YW: 1,293 lbs CED: +12 $B: +106.20 Adj. REA: 14.4 Scrotal: 37.90

Expect calving ease with excellent growth potential out of this Tanker son. Tanker daughters are easy fleshing with excellent milk and ideal udders.

MAF Tanker 2616
(Sells as Lot 59)

Reg: 18636393
WW: 761 lbs YW: 1,345 lbs CED: +5 $B: +96.74 Adj. REA: 13.3 Scrotal: 37.56

Tanker calves come moderate at birth and grow quickly which means less time you'll need to feed them. Our young Tanker daughters are proving to be excellent mothers with tremendous fleshing ability.

MAF Blue Chip 6127
(Sells as Lot 71)

Reg: 18603745
WW: 653 YW: 1,341 CED: -4 $B: +79.89 Adj. REA: 14.1 Scrotal: 38.33

Offering 2 outstanding Blue Chip flush brothers out of our 029 Antidote donor cow. Full sisters sold extremely well in our fall heifer sale including the one pictured here.

Full sister to Lots 70 and 71 (pictured)

MAF Sure Deal 2644
(Sells as Lot 72)

Reg: 18602488
WW: 737 YW: 1,316 CED: -2 $B: +101.12 Adj. REA: 14.9 Scrotal: 36.67

Dam is Daisy (pictured on the Sires & Dams tab) who has gone on to raise several high selling bulls the last few years. This bull was with us in Denver for the National Western and caught the attention of many astute cattleman.